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A Legacy of Sharing Knowledge

Spreading the knowledge enshrined in Srila Prabhupada’s books is a core mission of ISKCON. Inspired by His Divine Grace’s words of encouragement, “Thank you very much for your sincere endeavors to distribute my books widely… Krishna will give you all strength,” countless devotees dedicate themselves to this sacred task.

Below we explore various avenues for online book distribution, allowing you to effectively share spiritual knowledge from the comfort of your home.


Contact Friends & Family

Reach out to your network and loved ones. Briefly introduce yourself as a volunteer sharing spiritual knowledge, then inquire about their interest in receiving books or online resources.

Social Media Outreach

Identify individuals on social media platforms who might resonate with the message. Connect with them through direct messages, share insightful quotes, and offer access to online books or learning materials.

Care Packages

Assemble and distribute curated packages containing books, beads, or prasadam. Consider local initiatives like Team NYC, Team ISV, and others who have successfully delivered thousands of books and raised funds for the cause.

Calling Parties

Organize virtual calling events! Gather a group of devotees, share scripts and talking points, and collaboratively reach out to a wider audience. Resources and guidelines are available on Google Drive.

Share Wisdom Beyond Borders

Online book distribution transcends geographical limitations, allowing you to connect individuals worldwide with Srila Prabhupada’s teachings.

Modern Methods, Timeless Message

Utilize technology to effectively share spiritual knowledge. E-books, online subscriptions, and virtual events offer convenient access to the transformative power of these sacred texts.

Expand Your Spiritual Network

Leverage social media and online platforms to connect with a wider audience seeking knowledge and connect with a supportive community.

Broaden Your Horizons

Expand E-book Distribution

Delve into the world of e-books and expand your reach! Temples can acquire e-book gift codes, making them readily available. These codes can be bundled with online subscriptions to platforms like the Bhakti Community or Bhagavat-seva classes, offering a convenient and accessible gateway to spiritual knowledge.

Furthermore, consider creating comprehensive “E-book Bundle Packages.” These packages combine the physicality of a free book set with the ease of digital access through e-books, subscriptions, and online learning materials. This approach caters to a wider audience, accommodating diverse learning preferences and styles.

Call To Action

Embark on your online book distribution journey today! Explore the methods mentioned above, participate in upcoming events, and be part of a global mission to disseminate spiritual wisdom.

Remember: Every effort, every connection made, has the potential to spark a positive transformation in someone’s life.

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Always Better Service.

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Devotees, seeking to expand your knowledge, share spiritual wisdom, and make a positive impact? offers fulfilling service opportunities. Learn valuable skills through our resources and training programs to effectively share spiritual knowledge via book distribution. Contribute your time and talents: join initiatives like door-to-door campaigns, monthly festivals, or weekend warrior programs.

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